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Keller: You realize we’ve only kissed once? In all these months, once. All I’ve been thinking about is kissing you again.

Beecher: Hey, I said don’t!

Keller: I did what you asked! I rat out Schillinger and Metzger. Do you know what that means? Toby, do you know what that cost me?

Beecher: Unless this is just another scheme you and Schillinger cooked up. How am I supposed to trust you? Put myself in that position again? Be that vulnerable again?

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I do miss Toby’s glasses.  I’m not going to lie…

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A random gif of Toby <3
Good night! 


A random gif of Toby <3

Good night! 

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from Weird Science, s01e19 “Nightmare on Chett Street”

[watch this episode on hulu]

I haven’t seen this but he looks really nice in that outfit, just saying. 

Also apparently Hulu has this whole show available? I think I might be watching this next…

YES, watch this next. If you haven’t started yet, hesitate no longer! This show is decently amusing even if you don’t love Lee, but for a Lee fan it’s GOLD!

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For comparison, the two versions of Chris and Toby’s laundry room kiss.

Gifs taken from fuckyeahleetergesen.tumblr.com.

Aw yay! :D

What I really love about these is that it’s reality on the left and Toby’s memory on the right. I love how different they are. The way Chris is so much more forceful in Toby’s memory. It says so much about Toby!

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yep, this picture never gets old

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Oz: 6x2.

I love Toby’s short hair! 

me toooooooo

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Hello, hi, hey. Sorry about that.

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